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The hospital of the Didier Drogba Foundation is out of the ground

There is good news! The hospital of the Didier Drogba Foundation, located in the municipality of Attécoubé (district of Abidjan - Ivory Coast) is almost finished. This primarily designed to provide care to mothers and children, and to provide first aid, contains, including ultrasound room, maternal and child care, X-ray room, an ultra modern laboratory, pharmacy, hospitalization and isolation rooms and other services to relieve the most vulnerable Ivorian. It will accommodate more than 50,000 patients a year.

Didier Drogba Foundation was able to get this beautiful land of the building, but the effort is not finished yet. Indeed, it must now equip and make an institute at the forefront of what is what is the best. An investment of one million dollars not including operating costs. The Foundation needs your support to do this. To this end, it organizes in London, April 18, 2015, a charity gala dinner to raise funds. For information about the gala, please contact the Foundation For those who can not travel to London your support is in any case welcome and can take the form of donations in cash or kind. Every gesture is important and can help save a life. $ 10 enough to care for a child from malaria. (Donate)

Our goal was to inaugurate the hospital in 2015.

The Didier Drogba Foundation is counting on you and most importantly, stay tuned because we will not fail to inform you of the various initiatives taken by the Foundation to raise funds.


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