Commit as an individual

Engage with the FOUNDATION DIDIER DROGBA is joining Didier Drogba team and support him in his fight for a better life for the most vulnerable people of Côte d'Ivoire and Africa. It is also adhere to our values ​​of solidarity, commitment and responsibility. As an individual, you may first be a relay for everything we do, including participating in our campaigns or by relaying information; You can also donate your time by volunteering and joining us for some activities, finally, you can support us financially by donating, whether in cash or in kind, or even by buying items, all or part profits are donated to the Didier Drogba Foundation.


  • Become a communications relay

Relay information is important. I like clicking on the Facebook account of the Foundation and by being a follower on Twitter, you will be informed of all activities of the Foundation, you can relay our messages or awareness campaigns, better decide what action you want to support or you wish to attend. By clicking through the links on the Foundation website, you are certain to be on Facebook and Twitter accounts officials of the Foundation and Didier Drogba.

A newsletter will soon be available.

We count on you.

  • Become a volunteer

Some of the Foundation's activities need volunteers. We are always looking for dynamic people who want to engage in certain activities we conduct. Your skills may be of interest. You can go to places of business, or even be useful to us wherever you are.

If you are interested, fill out the attached form.

You can also make inquiries by phone at +225 22 00 53 27 or email

  • Donate

You can make a donation to the Foundation, either in kind or in cash. For more information, see Support.

  • Make a purchase solidarity

Finally, you can help the Foundation by making a purchase solidarity. Indeed, the book Didier Drogba income "It was not easy," the DVD on his life "Stranger" and the cartoon "De Tito Drogba" are entirely donated to the Foundation. You can get them in the best bookstores or online at conventional sites.

We hope to have other supportive partners who accept to donate part of the proceeds of their products to the permanent or ad hoc Foundation and we will notify you (become a communications relay).