Foundation Didier Drogba following loan the factory construction tapioca offered to the people of the region bouafle (ivory coast)

On World Day against Child Labour, held in Bouaflé (center of Cote d'Ivoire), the International Labour Organization, ILO, June 12, 2014, DD Foundation had offered a community of women of the region, a multifunctional grinder. DD Foundation had then promised to donate the construction of a plant to house a cassava mill. This promise is becoming a reality, for the happiness of the people of Dianoufla, with nearly 17 villages with a population of 19,751 souls.

Dispatched to see the evolution of the work, Mr. Djizo Gnalega, logistic expert of the Foundation was able, during a mission on 4 and 5 December 2014 to realize the significant step forward of the site. The building of a value of more than 5.5 million CFA francs (about 8,400 euros) is now under construction.

Ms. Lou Negoué Guessan, president of the Association of Women Dianoufla, on behalf of women, reiterated his gratitude and appreciation to MR DIDIER DROGBA and asked its envoy to supply all his blessings so that it continues in its desire to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable people.

According to Mr Tia, ANADER agent in charge locally to monitor the project, it is towards the end of February 2015 that the work will be completed to see the inauguration of the plant.

The women in this small community of BONON can finally attend quietly to their agricultural activities and process cassava product attieke or placali (local products very popular in Côte d'Ivoire) and transform other agricultural products, making a stronger earned more for the well-being of their families and children.

The Foundation wishes more initiatives of this kind after evaluation of the impact of the first operation. Your support will be welcome to finance more processing units.


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