1,000 school kits distributed to 19 reception centers from Didier Drogba Foundation

Primary students of 19 child protection centers receptions were filled in the 2014-2015 school year. Indeed, Didier Drogba through its Foundation, in partnership with the Orange Foundation Côte d'Ivoire Telecom, UNESCO representation in Abidjan and the Ministry of Education did speak his heart by providing 1,000 school kits , called "kits of the heart."

The official ceremony of the school kits took place October 11, 2014 Amigo Doumé center, located in Yopougon, in the presence of the authorities of that common. Coming these students came from 19 centers across the country each received a kit consisting of a backpack flocked logo Didier Drogba Foundation, notebooks, pens, blankets and a geometric together. A total of 1,000 school kits distributed.

Unlike ordinary components notebooks school kits, those of the Didier Drogba Foundation have a peculiarity: that of seeing on their cover, a picture of Didier Drogba with a message to the children to encourage them to work, "TES STUDIES, THIS IS THE GAME YOU NEED TO WIN !!! "Or" I DO NOT CHEAT ON THE GROUND, NOT CHEATING IN CLASS "; these are just advice to students on the books in his likeness.

After the blessing of the local authorities, Father Vincent MIGUEL, Centre Director Amigo Doumé spoke to briefly present the center of which it is responsible, "Here, children draw near, come in search of a training trades in order to overcome the difficulties they found during their childhood. They approach to learning carpentry, metalwork, agriculture and livestock, "he said, before addressing his sincere thanks to Didier Drogba Foundation for this donation to education childhood.

Thanks SASSA, the spokesman of the recipients has meanwhile summarized his remarks in three words: "THANK YOU PAPA Drogba." On behalf of the Didier Drogba Foundation, Mr. Roland Gut TANOH, general secretary of the said Foundation urged the students to work: "The messages given by Drogba on the books in his likeness is to encourage students to work well in class" has he said, before issuing a wish: to see other icons of the sport in Ivory Coast cue from Didier Drogba and promise more kits for the next school year.

During this friendly ceremony, the children also showed a lot of imagination. Including those from the World Art Foundation, which played a skit talking about the importance of the school in the life of a child and those active humanitarian who performed a tune in which he praised the generosity of Didier Drogba.


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