Do more, do better

I dream of a happy and healthy Africa, a better-educated African off to conquer the world. An Africa that we will be proud to leave our children. An Africa whose stars will not just football players or singers, but scientists, doctors and brilliant economists, innovative entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, committed leaders.


Didier Drogba Foundation was created in 2007 to become help African children in health and education. It was for us to improve access to education and improve access to medical care for children and the poor in general.

Since then, the Didier Drogba Foundation contributed to rendrele smile to many children through donations, medical aids, while actively to the realization of the largest of its hospital construction project in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast and buses healthcare in Africa.

However, 2014 marked a milestone in our Foundation life. We decided to be even more present on the ground, to expand our areas of intervention, to do more, to do better. We have strengthened our teams, we rely increasingly on the expertise of partners such as UN agencies to implement sustainable and relevant projects.

In my capacity as President of the Didier Drogba Foundation, I reaffirm my personal commitment to the causes that we defend. But I also know the importance of teamwork and support. I invite you to merejoindre, to join us in this fight for improving the lives of the poor. Probably the most important match of my career; one that we must win together. I sincerely thank all the partners who mobilize already on our causes and encourages them to continue their efforts.

With your help, Didier Drogba Foundation is committed to do more and to do better.




President of the Didier Drogba Foundation

Goodwill Ambassador UNDP (more details ...)