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Barclays Spirit of the Game Award

Established in 2007, the Didier Drogba Foundation, named after its founder footballer Didier Drogba, aims to provide support to the Ivorian people and vulnerable Africa in the field of health and education. Both areas, without being exclusive, are the focus areas of the Didier Drogba Foundation.


It was in 2007 that Didier Drogba and a few close friends decided to create the Didier Drogba Foundation to deal in a more structured and organized manner to the numerous requests that Didier Drogba was the subject.

However, it was in March 2009 that Didier Drogba will make an observation and a meeting was definitely directing the vision and mission of the Foundation. Indeed, during the visit to wounded drama Stade Felix Houphouet Boigny at the football match Malawi Ivory Coast, Didier Drogba, saddened by the conditions of care for patients, met the young Nobel Assamoi Yapo, an 8 year old boy suffering from leukemia. Upset by the situation of the young boy, Didier Drogba through its Foundation, decided to take charge of his medical care in Geneva, Switzerland. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, the young Yapo was carried away by the disease. This drama, however, brought Didier to access to health one of the Foundation’s major areas of intervention. The second major area of ​​activity of the Foundation is education, considered by its President, as indispensable to the improvement of the living conditions of African people.

Since then, the Foundation has raised funds for the construction of health centers in Côte d’Ivoire and almost completed the construction of the first center, supported the fight against malaria, assisted by donations of school kits for disadvantaged youth, offered a little dreams to children, and many other specific actions.

In 2014 the Didier Drogba Foundation has restructured to be more present on the ground while using technical partnerships to better achieve its short, medium and long term; do more and do better.

2.2 Our vision

Working primarily to improve access and quality of health care and to improving education for the most vulnerable African populations, by federating energies and expertise and mobilizing resources at all levels.

2.3 Our missions

Implement and / or support projects and causes that address the problems of African people in the field of health and education.

Work with organizations and specialized agencies, both national and international, to best meet the needs of people in the above areas.

Mobilize, raise money and create a spirit of solidarity around the causes defended by the Didier Drogba Foundation.

Embody the values of solidarity, commitment, responsibility and integrity.

2.4 Our organization

  • Didier DROGBA
  • Thierno SEYDI
    Vice President
  • Guy Roland Tanoh ASSEMIAN
    Executive Secretary



  • Alfred ZEBI
  • Evelyne ADOM
    Projects and partnerships manager
  • José DJATI
    Communications manager
  • Gnaléga Jérémie DJIZO
    Logistics manager
  • Stéphanie KOUASSI
  • Caroline McAteer
    (Londres) Public relations (PR)

2.5 Who is Didier Drogba

DD-Ivory Coast

Born March 11, 1978 in Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Didier Drogba has grown in the popular neighborhood of Yopougon, west of Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivory Coast. He left his country in 1983 at the age of 5 for France, where he joined his uncle Michel GOBA himself former Ivorian international.

In 1999, Didier Drogba signed his first professional contract at Le Mans Union Club and then successively joined Guingamp and Olympique Marseille. But it is once transferred to Chelsea in July 2004 that Drogba will experience phenomenal career. In the club with which he won the European Champions League in 2012, its performance will make him one of the most respected African players and a true legend. After leaving Chelsea, Drogba was named best player in the club’s history by fans. After going through Shanghai in China and Galatasaray in Turkey, Didier Drogba is back at Chelsea since 2014.

Emblematic captain of the national team of Ivory Coast, which he joined in 2002, Didier Drogba has ended his international career August 8, 2014, after 106 caps and 66 goals with the Elephants. It is to this day, the player who scored the most goals with the national team.


Outside the stadium, Didier Drogba book as a daily “great game” with its Foundation: enhancing and promoting health, education and training of children and vulnerable people in Côte d’Ivoire and Africa .

Donations, organizing Christmas trees, medical management of patients, helps women’s groups to create income-generating activities, construction of hospitals, distribution of school kits; Since 2007, Didier Drogba made his heart speak through his Foundation.

Well before the creation of the Foundation, Didier was already involved in charity work. It is with this realization that the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has made Didier Drogba in 2007, a Goodwill Ambassador for the fight against poverty. TIME Magazine even rank in the top 100 most influential men in the world in 2010 alongside including Bill Clinton and Madonna.

Great unifier of all social strata, Didier Drogba is also Commissioner of the Commission on Dialogue, Truth and Reconciliation (CDVR) in Côte d’Ivoire, commission set up in 2011 following the post-election crisis in the country to bring peace to all hearts.
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